For that extra stiffness

The planetary gear units of the RC4 series are designed with a flanged shaft. The solid flanged shaft exhibits high torsional stiffness and is thus particularly suitable for positioning tasks. Fittingly, the radial backlash is less than one minute of arc. RC4, the gear unit that cuts to the chase.


  • High degree of stiffness – due to optimised shaft size
  • Low radial backlash – due to paired drive components
  • High acceleration – due to a motor connection with optimised inertia 
  • High torque – due to wide planetary gears mounted in two bearings
  • High permissible radial forces – due to roller bearings with optimised bearing spacing
  • Low running noises – due to ground helical gears
  • Simpler motor mounting – due to tangential clamping with sun gear fixation
  • Variable – through freely selectable mounting positions
  • Maintenance-free – through lifelong lubrication with synthetic gearbox oil
  • Low energy consumption – due to high efficiency