GMT Europe GmbH

  • Aluminum double disk coupling - Clamping screw – Long type
  • High wrench torque load, high wrench torque rigidity capacity and excellent sensibility.
  • Zero backlash - Clockwise character is exactly the same as anti-clockwise one.
  • Dual stainless steel rings to correct radial, angular and axial deviation.
  • Free maintenance, oil-resist and anti-corrosiveness.
  • Offset of angular, parallel, or axial deviation are individual allowed value, so couple reasons of axial offset appearing at same time would reduce the unit allowable value.

Name Durchmesser
in mm
d1 in mm d2 in mm Nominale
Belast. in N
Klemmung Material PDF 2D 3D Datenblatt
FACTL32 32 22 6/7/8/10 2 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACT-L32-6x6.pdf 2D/FACT-L32-6x6.zip 3D/FACTL32-6x6.zip Datenblatt/FACTL.pdf
FACTL40 40 28 7/8/10/11/12/14 4 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACT-L40-7x7.pdf 2D/FACT-L40-7x7.zip 3D/FACTL40-7x7.zip Datenblatt/FACTL.pdf
FACTL50 50 39 12/14/15/16/18/19/20 7,5 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACT-L50-12x12.pdf 2D/FACT-L50-12x12.zip 3D/FACTL50-12x12.zip Datenblatt/FACTL.pdf
FACTL63 63 45 15/16/18/19/20/25 10 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACT-L63-15x15.pdf 2D/FACT-L63-15x15.zip 3D/FACTL63-15x15.zip Datenblatt/FACTL.pdf