GMT Europe GmbH

  • Oldham coupling with black polyacetel(POM) Spacer - Clamping screw – Short type
  • Operating temperature: -20°~80°.
  • Offset of angular, parallel, or axial deviation are individual allowed value, so couple reasons of axial offset appearing at same time would reduce the unit allowable value.
  • Main Frame: Aluminum Alloy, anodized
  • Spacer: (POM)

Name Durchmesser
in mm
d2 in mm Nominale
Belast. in N
Klemmung Material PDF 2D 3D Datenblatt
FACPS12 12 3/4/5 0,2 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACP-S12-3x3.pdf 2D/FACP-S12-3x3.zip 3D/FACPS12-3x3.zip Datenblatt/FACPS.pdf
FACPS16 16 3/4/5/6 0,4 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACP-S16-3x3.pdf 2D/FACP-S16-3x3.zip 3D/FACPS16-3x3.zip Datenblatt/FACPS.pdf
FACPS20 20 5/6/6,35/7/8 0,7 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACP-S20-5x5.pdf 2D/FACP-S20-5x5.zip 3D/FACPS20-5x5.zip Datenblatt/FACPS.pdf
FACPS25 25 6,35/7/8/9,525/10 1,2 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACP-S25-6.35x6.35.pdf 2D/FACP-S25-6.35x6.35.zip 3D/FACPS25-6.35x6.35.zip Datenblatt/FACPS.pdf
FACPS32 32 7/8/9,525/10/11/12/14 2,8 Clamping Aluminum pdf/FACP-S32-7x7.pdf 2D/FACP-S32-7x7.zip 3D/FACPS32-7x7.zip Datenblatt/FACPS.pdf