Instalace mazacího systému

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Installation of lubrication systems

pdf  Check list: Lubrication point details and selection of lubrication system

Prepare lube-point



1. Clean lube-point and remove grease fitting
2. Add sealant and screw reducer into lubrication point
3. Prefill lube-point and any grease lines / connections (use the same grease that is contained in the lubrication system)
4. Pressure check: Lube-point / all connecting parts (Accessory set for pressure test Part no. 101480)




Activation / Installation of Lubrication System



1. perma CLASSIC / perma FUTURA
1. perma FLEX
1. perma NOVA / perma STAR VARIO
2. Note activation / exchange date on label
3. Remove plug
4. Screw lubrication system into lube-point